About us

For over eight decades MDS has had one simple philosophy: to provide the highest quality possible in any product we make. Pride of workmanship.

We make our own vestments, stoles, paraments, banners, mass linens, shirts and a host of other Christian products, From textiles, embroideries, leather and wood to our brass products, design and quality are utmost important. Our soft rosary, pyx cases to prayer books, missal and Bible covers are made of real leather.

MDS, designs and makes an extensive range of clergy fabric collars and similar products. Improved and updated over decades. Merging age-old traditions of hand embroideries onto classic hand woven fabrics to create masterpieces, ready to be used and cherished for generations. 

MDS, constantly searching of better materials/ methods/technology to create superior products. We prefer natural materials, reduced packaging, lowering our environmental footprint. MDS products offer great comfort, last longer and are easy to maintain, with great value for money.  MDS makes your custom designs in a variety of fabrics, styles and finishes.

We make every effort to reduce packaging and wastage to be environmentally responsible. We try and better than most fair trade practices after all, our team is our family.

MDS products are available all over North America, Europe and other parts of the world though many distinguished dealers. Please feel free to contact us with any  suggestions, questions or concerns. If you can't find something, do tell us, we make a lot of custom products.

For trade/wholesale accounts please contact mds.