The different types and meanings of Scapulars

Though the brown scapular is the most prevalent, loyal Catholics may wear a variety of other acceptable scapulae:

The Scapular in Green

The Green Scapular is also known as the Scapular of the Immaculate Heart. It is not a real scapular because it is one single woolen square rather than two. However, because it is a sacramental, it is a scapular in the devotional sense. It is the only scapular that does not have to be worn but can be carried; it can be worn on a green cord or a small green loop. This scapular can be offered in faith to someone who needs to be healed or converted. After receiving the scapular, the giver must continue to pray daily to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Another scapular linked with the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the white scapular. This scapular, on the other hand, is made of white wool and is affiliated with the Sons of the Immaculate Heart. The front features a depiction of Mary's burning heart, from which a lily grows, and is surrounded by a rose wreath.

The Trinity Scapular is a little white scapular with a red and blue cross that is associated with the Confraternity of the Most Blessed Trinity and Order tertiaries. During his first Mass, St. John de Matha had a vision of two Christian captives, one of whom clutched a staff with a red and blue cross on top. St. John recognized from this vision that he was destined to labour among captives for their rescue. According to tradition, in 1198, an angel dressed in white with a blue and red cross came to Pope Innocent III, who later approved the Order of the Trinitarians.

The Scapular in Blue

The Scapular in Blue - This scapular is also known as the Immaculate Conception Scapular. It was sanctioned by Pope Clement X in 1671 and is associated with Venerable Ursula Benincasa, founder of the Theatines of the Immaculate Conception. Because Our Lady told the girl, "I am the Immaculate Conception," it is now associated with St. Bernadette and the miraculous apparitions at Lourdes. Under normal circumstances, there are plenary indulgences associated with this devotion with this scapular. 

Badge of the Sacred Heart

Scapulae of the Sacred Heart - The Sacred Heart Scapular is the name of two sacramentals. One is a sacramental insignia, similar to the Green Scapular. It is a wearable icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that St. Mary Margaret Alacoque advocated. It could be wool or not. The other is a genuine scapular affiliated with the Sacred Heart Missionaries. One side depicts the classic images of Jesus' and Mary's hearts, while the other depicts Jesus on the cross with the instruments of the passion at His feet. The scapular must be made of red wool, and the bands that link the two squares must also be made of red wool. This scapular is also known as the Red Passion Scapular or simply the Passion Scapular.

The Servite Order and the Seven Sorrows of Mary are both associated with the Black Scapular. It's made of black wool and features an image of Our Lady of Sorrows on the front. If one wishes to obtain the confraternity's indulgences, this scapular must be worn at all times. This scapular must be invested in by a Servite Order priest.

Scapular 5

The Scapular with Five Folds - The Redemptorist Sacramental is the Five Fold Scapular, commonly known as the Five Way Scapular. It combines five of the most popular scapulae: Brown, Black, Blue, Trinity White, and Red Passion scapulars.

The Scapular of St. Michael - Made of blue and black woollen material, this scapular is generally in the shape of a miniature shield (but it may alternatively be a regular rectangle). It is associated with the Archconfraternity of St. Michael's Scapular and portrays St. Michael triumphing over Satan.

The Passion Scapular and the Mercedarian Scapular, often known as the Scapular of Our Lady of Mercy, are two other devotional scapulars.

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