Options for Clergy Clothing - The different styles of clergy apparel

These days, clergies and priests don't have to feel constrained by their outfit choices because there is stylish cleric apparel available.

If you want to try some priest fashion, consider the following wardrobe suggestions:

Clergy shirts with a tab collar

Tab collar clergy shirts can undoubtedly spare you the hassle of spending a lot of time getting ready when you just want to relax and be casual for the day. When there aren't many religious events planned for the day, this clergy shirt option is ideal. You don't have to get dressed and go out if all you have is a daily devotion that is scheduled. You can simply just wear a shirt if you aren't seeing anybody else or don't have any official religious ceremonies to conduct.

With a regular shirt, you may move freely and comfortably while still feeling like yourself. With only the middle portion of the collar being white and the rest of the collar matching the color of your shirt, tab collar shirts will also resemble your regular clothing. Even the color of your shirt can be changed to suit your mood, taste, and fashion. In addition, both men and women can appreciate this style.


Clergy Shirts with a Neckband Collar

A neckband collar clergy shirt is an option if you want to try a new look and merely remove a portion of the traditional white clerical collar. Your collar and shirt may have various colors if you choose this design. The color of your shirt can vary, however the collar will always be white.

This type or clergy shirt can be used by clergymen and clergywomen alike.

Clergy attire with long sleeves

Fall and Winter temperatures can drop quickly, and wearing your regular clergy shirt won't protect you from the elements.

Therefore, the clergy can choose to dress in long-sleeved clergy clothing to keep them warm and protected. In addition to being comfortable, high quality clergy long sleeve shirts have an elegance that cannot be compared to other clothing types.

Sleeveless Clergy Clothing

Short-sleeved clerical shirts are an option for those who want to appear a little more formal than they usually do. The sleeves of this style typically end at the elbow. Even though the fabric of the cloth might vary, knitted fabrics are typically preferred. This style, like the others, can be enhanced by adding a formal jacket to it.


Every day, people interact with clerics. Therefore, it's important to establish and maintain a positive reputation—and upgrading their clerical apparel would be a good move in terms of style.


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